Revolutionizing LH2 Storage: ABS Joins EU-Funded Project
Key Ideas
  • ABS partners with EU-funded LH2CRAFT project to innovate liquid hydrogen storage on commercial vessels.
  • The project aims to develop a membrane-type containment system for long-term LH2 storage and transportation on ships.
  • ABS highlights the technical challenges and opportunities of adopting hydrogen as cargo for combating climate change and fostering innovation.
  • In 2023, ABS set safety and technical standards for liquefied hydrogen carriers, emphasizing risk assessment and novel technology qualification.
ABS has joined the LH2CRAFT project, an EU-funded initiative focusing on revolutionizing liquid hydrogen storage for commercial vessels. The project, led by a research consortium across nine countries, aims to create a sustainable and safe containment technology for long-term LH2 storage. This innovative membrane-type containment system will enable the transportation of LH2 over longer distances and in large volumes on ships. ABS will review the LH2 containment systems as part of the approval process for this new technology. The development of this technology addresses the challenges of infrastructure, regulation, safety, and economic viability associated with hydrogen cargo. Panos Koutsourakis, ABS Vice President of Global Sustainability, emphasizes the potential benefits of a hydrogen value chain, including technical innovation, job creation, and market establishment, in addition to contributing to global efforts against climate change. Moreover, ABS previously established safety and technical standards for vessels carrying liquefied hydrogen in 2023, covering aspects like risk assessment, new technology qualification, and fire protection. The LH2CRAFT project signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable and innovative approach to hydrogen storage and transportation in the maritime industry.

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