New Times Energy Corporation Collaborates on Green Hydrogen Production in Campbell River
Key Ideas
  • New Times Energy Corporation signs MOU with Quantum Technology Corporation for green hydrogen production in Campbell River, B.C.
  • The collaboration aims to supply zero-emission fuels in Canada, focusing on energy transition and sustainability.
  • The partnership could lower carbon emissions and synergize with New Times Energy's operations pending final binding agreements.
New Times Energy Corporation Limited has entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Quantum Technology Corporation to co-develop green hydrogen production plants in Campbell River, B.C. The goal of this collaboration is to supply zero-emission fuels in Canada, aligning with the global push towards environmental sustainability and energy transition. If definitive agreements are finalized, the partnership could significantly impact carbon emissions by promoting the use of clean energy. Shareholders are advised to proceed with caution as the deal is still subject to final binding agreements. This move showcases a strategic shift towards renewable energy sources in the business operations of New Times Energy Corporation. For investors interested in HK:0166 stock, TipRanks' Stock Analysis page provides further insights into the company's performance and potential growth.

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