Yara's Green Hydrogen Plant Revolutionizes Fertilizer Production in Norway
Key Ideas
  • Yara International inaugurated a 24 MW green hydrogen plant developed by Linde Engineering in Porsgrunn, Norway.
  • The plant will produce low-carbon fertilizer, saving 41,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to 16,000 cars.
  • The project signifies a crucial step in decarbonizing energy-intensive industries and advancing modern technologies for reducing emissions.
Yara International, a global fertilizer manufacturer, has officially opened a 24 megawatt green hydrogen plant developed and built by Linde Engineering in Porsgrunn, Norway. This plant is a key component of Yara's green hydrogen production facility and aims to produce low-carbon fertilizer. The implementation of green hydrogen is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 41,000 tons per year, which is comparable to the emissions of about 16,000 cars. Hans Olav Raen, CEO of Yara Clean Ammonia, emphasized the significance of this project in the decarbonization journey of energy-intensive industries. The collaboration between Yara and Linde Engineering highlights the importance of rapid decarbonization, especially in sectors like fertilizer production. The electrolysis plant at the facility, utilizing proton exchange membrane technology, has a daily hydrogen production capacity of about 10,000 kilograms. This green hydrogen will be utilized by Yara to produce 20,500 metric tons of ammonia annually, subsequently converted into 80,000 metric tons of green fertilizer. John van der Velden, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Technology at Linde Engineering, underscored the joint efforts towards developing innovative solutions to combat climate change. This project not only impacts the food value chain's decarbonization but also opens avenues for low-carbon ammonia as a shipping fuel and in power generation. The initiative showcases a significant stride towards sustainability, emphasizing the role of collaborative partnerships in achieving emission reduction goals.

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