TES and “K” LINE Collaborate for Cleaner Maritime Operations with Green Hydrogen
Key Ideas
  • Tree Energy Solutions and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha partner to explore hydrogen-based maritime solutions with a focus on transitioning vessels to cleaner fuels by blending captured CO2 emissions with green hydrogen.
  • The collaboration aims to leverage TES' expertise in green fuels and “K” LINE’s commitment to decarbonizing shipping, setting a precedent for cleaner and more efficient maritime operations globally.
  • The agreement also includes considerations for regulatory frameworks on low-carbon fuels, CO2 accounting, and certification schemes to bolster the development of e-NG projects and sustainable shipping practices.
  • Technical collaboration between the two companies will focus on the operation and management of e-NG and liquefied CO2 carriers, as well as information exchange on CO2 capture and utilization onboard vessels.
Tree Energy Solutions (TES) and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (“K” LINE) have joined forces to explore the development of hydrogen-based maritime solutions. TES will combine its e-NG production and import projects with “K” LINE's ambition to shift its vessels to cleaner fuels. The partnership aims to blend captured CO2 emissions with green hydrogen from TES' green energy hub in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, to produce e-NG for “K” LINE’s ships, facilitating a transition to cleaner bunker fuels. The companies will collaborate on regulatory aspects like low-carbon fuels and certification schemes to advance e-NG projects. Both CEOs expressed optimism about pioneering cleaner maritime operations and accelerating the adoption of e-NG for a more sustainable shipping industry. Technical collaboration will focus on the operation and management of carriers for e-NG and liquefied CO2, as well as sharing knowledge on CO2 capture on vessels. Additionally, H2 View offers a hydrogen training program, 'Class of H2,' covering various hydrogen fundamentals and technologies to bridge the skills gap in the industry.

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