dynaCERT's Strategic Investment in Cipher Neutron's Advanced AEM Technology
Key Ideas
  • dynaCERT acquired 15% ownership of Cipher Neutron, a leader in AEM electrolysis technology, with potential for additional share acquisition through investments.
  • Cipher Neutron's innovative AEM technology is PFAS-free and cost-effective, offering environmentally friendly and affordable Green Hydrogen production.
  • The Green Hydrogen market, projected to exceed $500 billion by 2030, drives dynaCERT's strategic equity acquisition, enhancing shareholder value and market position.
  • The collaboration termination and equity acquisition between dynaCERT and Cipher Neutron demonstrate mutual benefits and support for innovative and sustainable technologies.
dynaCERT Inc. announced its acquisition of 15% ownership in Cipher Neutron Inc., a leading company in the AEM electrolysis business. This initial investment includes equity units comprising Class A Shares and Share Purchase Warrants. Cipher Neutron's technology is known for its innovation and milestone achievements, including the development of large AEM electrolyser stacks and securing government funding. The company's PFAS-free AEM technology is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, making it a prominent player in the Green Hydrogen market expected to surpass $500 billion by 2030. dynaCERT's strategic move aligns with its vision of growth and commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The termination of collaboration agreements and the equity acquisition mark a significant step towards enhancing shareholder value and market position for both companies, with mutual benefits and support for innovative technologies.

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