Calgary Economic Development's Fireside Chat with Alberta Premier: A Look at Economic Goals and International Relations
Key Ideas
  • Calgary Economic Development organized a fireside chat with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith to provide 'Team Calgary' with a direct understanding of the government's policy goals and economic direction.
  • Key takeaways from the chat highlighted the government's commitment to innovation, economic diversification, investments in infrastructure, and a vision to position the province as a global destination for talent and capital.
  • Discussions during the chat included topics like economic diversification, growth in energy, agriculture, and technology sectors, challenges in meeting 2035 climate goals, and opportunities for energy and development partnerships with the US, Japan, and South Korea.
  • Premier Smith also emphasized the importance of aligning with the United States and other nations for trade interests, including advancements in areas like oil, gas, and hydrogen, with a positive outlook on developing the hydrogen economy further.
Calgary Economic Development recently hosted a fireside chat with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith to offer insights into the government's economic goals and international relations. The chat aimed to provide 'Team Calgary' members with a direct and unfiltered account of the Premier's policy objectives. Key points discussed included the government's dedication to innovation, economic diversification, and infrastructure investments to support Calgary's growth. Premier Smith emphasized the vision of positioning Alberta as a global hub for talent and capital, showcasing a positive outlook on the province's future. The conversation delved into various global issues such as economic diversification, climate goals, and energy partnerships. Premier Smith highlighted the potential for Alberta to collaborate with the US, Japan, and South Korea on energy and development initiatives, including the promising prospects in the hydrogen economy. The chat also touched on Alberta's sovereign wealth fund growth and investment strategies for long-term economic sustainability. Overall, the sentiment towards hydrogen and economic development was positive, with an emphasis on fostering partnerships and innovation.

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