CEA 2024 Manifesto: Driving Sustainable Growth in UK Construction Equipment Industry
Key Ideas
  • CEA's 2024 Manifesto focuses on decarbonization, digitalization, skills development, and regulatory consistency in the UK construction equipment industry.
  • Key highlights include advocating for technology-neutral decarbonization, harmonized digital legislation, collaboration for skills development, and regulatory stability.
  • The Manifesto aims to ensure sustainable growth, innovation, and alignment with global standards, positioning the CEA as the industry's voice.
The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) in the UK has unveiled its 2024 Manifesto, a strategic plan aimed at driving the advancement of the country's construction equipment industry. The Manifesto, developed by the CEA Policy Group, emphasizes key focus areas such as decarbonization, digital transformation, skills development, and regulatory consistency. Viki Bell, the CEA director of operations, highlighted the importance of the industry's voice in engaging with the UK Government and global stakeholders. In the realm of decarbonization, the CEA supports a technology-neutral approach, endorsing the development of electric, hydrogen, and low-emission diesel technologies. The Manifesto calls for national planning on alternative fuel infrastructure and alignment with EU standards for hydrogen combustion engines. Digitalization is another critical aspect addressed in the Manifesto, stressing the need for harmonized digital legislation and efforts to bridge the digital skills gap in the industry to maintain competitiveness. Skills development is a priority, with proposals for collaboration with educational institutions and backing for technical colleges to ensure a skilled workforce, particularly in STEM fields. Regulatory consistency is highlighted to maintain stability in infrastructure planning and align regulations with the EU, promoting a favorable market for international manufacturers. Overall, the Manifesto underscores the CEA's commitment to supporting sustainable growth and innovation, positioning itself as a key advocate for policies that benefit the industry. The collaborative efforts of the CEA Policy Group are praised for driving the initiatives forward and contributing to the industry's success.

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