Samskip Receives Grant to Convert Vessel to Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cells
Key Ideas
  • Samskip receives a grant from Enova to convert its LNG-powered vessel, Kvitnos, to run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells.
  • The grant aims to support decarbonisation projects in Norway and enable full zero-emission propulsion for the vessel.
  • The conversion will allow the vessel to operate with zero emissions in certain areas, contributing to Samskip's net-zero targets for 2040.
Samskip, a short sea ship operator, has secured a grant from Enova, the Norwegian government agency, to facilitate the conversion of its dual-fuelled LNG-powered vessel, Kvitnos, to also run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The vessel, which has been in service along the Norwegian coastline from Rotterdam since its construction in 2015, will undergo this transformation to enhance its environmental sustainability. This initiative aligns with Samskip's commitment to reducing emissions and transitioning towards cleaner energy sources. Samskip is actively involved in sustainable projects, including the SeaShuttle initiative, where they are developing a hydrogen-fuelled container ship in cooperation with partners in India. Are Grathen, the regional director for Norway and Sweden at Samskip, expressed enthusiasm for the grant, emphasizing the company's dedication to achieving zero-emission propulsion. The Enova funding will support TECO 2030 and Blom Maritime in the pre-feasibility assessment for this conversion project. TECO 2030, a company based in Oslo, specializes in fuel cell system development, which will be pivotal in enabling the vessel to operate emission-free in specific regions, such as the Norwegian fjords. This transition signifies a significant step towards meeting environmental regulations and advancing Samskip's sustainability goals, ultimately contributing to a greener maritime industry.

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