Unleashing India's Potential as a Global Hydrogen Hub: Opportunities and Challenges
Key Ideas
  • Global greenhouse gas emissions from hard-to-abate sectors create challenges, with hydrogen identified as a key solution for deep decarbonisation.
  • India, with its strong renewable energy capacity and cost advantages, has the potential to lead in green hydrogen production and export.
  • Key enablers for India's hydrogen ambitions include empowering the grid, boosting electrolyser manufacturing, mandating demand, providing incentives, and developing export infrastructure.
  • Continued government support and strategic initiatives are crucial for India to establish itself as a significant player in the global hydrogen economy.
The article highlights the pressing need to address greenhouse gas emissions from hard-to-abate sectors like iron & steel and manufacturing. It emphasizes the role of hydrogen as a crucial solution for achieving deep decarbonization, particularly in sectors requiring chemical feedstocks or heavy-duty freight solutions. India's renewable energy capacity and cost competitiveness position it favorably in the global green hydrogen market, with green hydrogen produced through electrolysis seen as the most scalable and clean method. The piece discusses the urgency for India to invest in developing the ecosystem for hydrogen production, in light of increasing global demand and supply projections by 2030. To enable India's ambitions as a global hydrogen hub, the article suggests key enablers such as strengthening the grid infrastructure, boosting electrolyser manufacturing capacity, mandating demand, providing incentives, and developing cost-effective export infrastructure at ports. The government's initial steps and incentives to kick-start the green hydrogen economy are acknowledged, but the article stresses the need for continuous efforts and strategic programs to compete with other global players. Overall, the article presents a positive outlook on India's potential to excel in green hydrogen production and export, highlighting the importance of timely action and government support.

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