Innovative Clean Technology at Worthy Farm: Converting Biomethane to Hydrogen and Graphene
Key Ideas
  • Worthy Farm utilizes a unique technology, Levidian's LOOP, to convert biomethane into hydrogen and graphene, contributing to reduced carbon emissions.
  • The deployment of the LOOP technology aims to save up to 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent annually, showcasing the potential for decarbonization in hard-to-abate industries.
  • Hexla's financial support for Levidian's industrial-scale LOOP1000 platform will pave the way for delivering the world's lowest cost clean hydrogen and generating revenue through graphene sales.
Worthy Farm, known for hosting festivals, is implementing innovative clean technology by converting biomethane into hydrogen and graphene. The farm's owner, Michael Eavis, has introduced the LOOP technology by UK firm Levidian to crack methane into hydrogen and graphene without the need for catalysts. While the hydrogen will be utilized in a reduced-carbon gas blend for the farm's power plant, the graphene will be sold as an additive for various applications. The collaboration between Levidian and Hexla aims to reduce carbon emissions by up to 25 tonnes annually. Hexla's financial backing for Levidian's LOOP1000 platform will enable scaling up the technology to achieve the lowest cost clean hydrogen globally. Levidian's CEO, John Hartley, highlights the importance of such projects in decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries and opening new revenue streams. Overall, the partnership reflects a positive outlook on leveraging innovative technology for sustainable practices.

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