Freeport East Drives Green Hydrogen Innovation in Maritime Sector
Key Ideas
  • The HyZEM project, receiving significant investment, aims to develop low-carbon green hydrogen technology for workboats, focusing on storage and propulsion to drive decarbonisation in the maritime sector.
  • Partnership between UK and Australian businesses, facilitated by Freeport East, will accelerate the adoption of marine green hydrogen by demonstrating practical applications like bunkering technology and port infrastructure.
  • The collaboration includes diverse expertise ranging from zero-emission hydrogen steam turbines to electric marine propulsion, aiming to advance the use of green hydrogen in the maritime industry while supporting regional innovation.
  • Through the project, advancements in hydrogen storage systems are expected to bring about efficiency, safety, and cost improvements for high powered work boats, leading to the development of zero-emission marine propulsion solutions.
Freeport East has attracted substantial investment in the HyZEM project, focusing on green hydrogen technology for workboats to reduce emissions in the maritime sector. With funding from Innovate UK and Australia’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, the project aims to accelerate the adoption of marine green hydrogen. The collaboration involves leading UK and Australian businesses specializing in green hydrogen storage and propulsion technologies. Key objectives include demonstrating practical applications for green hydrogen on vessels and supporting local supply chains. The partnership also aims to advance the use of green hydrogen in the maritime industry in the UK and Australia. The project will benefit from the expertise of partners such as Steamology, Duodrive Limited, Chartwell Marine Limited, The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, and Rux Energy Australia. The diverse group of partners will drive the adoption of green hydrogen, with a focus on innovations in hydrogen storage systems and marine propulsion. Overall, the project seeks to revolutionize the maritime industry by developing efficient, safe, and cost-effective zero-emission marine propulsion solutions.

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