Scandinavian Energy Firms Partner to Produce Bio-E-Methanol with Hydrogen Integration
Key Ideas
  • Scandinavian energy firms form a joint-venture to establish a bio-e-methanol plant in Øyer, integrating hydrogen in the production process.
  • Bio-e-methanol production combines bio-waste and hydrogen, offering a higher production volume and energy efficiency.
  • The project aims to create a green liquid hydrogen carrier at a competitive price while utilizing waste from the marine sector and other sources.
  • The demand for methanol is expected to increase in the marine and chemicals sectors, driving the need for sustainable production methods.
Two Scandinavian energy companies, Glocal Green and Norwegian Hydrogen, have joined forces to create a joint-venture focused on producing methanol with an innovative approach. The partnership aims to establish a bio-e-methanol plant with a substantial capacity in Øyer, located in Gudbrandsdalen. This plant will integrate hydrogen into the production process, enhancing the overall output volume. By utilizing bio-waste and hydrogen, the project promises increased energy efficiency, presenting a sustainable solution. The end result of this initiative is a green liquid hydrogen carrier, emphasizing environmentally friendly practices at a competitive cost. The process involves extracting energy from biomass and supplementing it with energy from added hydrogen, ensuring a high yield relative to the input power. The sourcing of inputs from waste materials, particularly from the marine sector, highlights a circular economy approach. With a growing demand for methanol in sectors like marine and chemicals, this collaboration signifies a step towards meeting this demand sustainably and efficiently.

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