ACWA Power and Itochu Corporation Join Forces for Green Ammonia Project in Egypt
Key Ideas
  • ACWA Power and Itochu Corporation sign an agreement to develop 600,000 tonnes-per-year green ammonia project in Egypt, emphasizing a shift towards cleaner energy sources.
  • The collaboration underscores a commitment to green hydrogen and sustainable solutions, following a framework agreement with key Egyptian entities for project development.
  • Both CEOs express confidence in the partnership's potential to make the Egyptian Green Ammonia project a reality and highlight the prospects of green ammonia as a zero-emission fuel.
ACWA Power, a prominent water desalination company, has partnered with Japan's Itochu Corporation to work on a groundbreaking green ammonia project in Egypt. The project aims to produce 600,000 tonnes-per-year of green ammonia, marking a significant step towards cleaner energy sources. This collaboration aligns with ACWA Power's dedication to green hydrogen and Itochu Corporation's focus on sustainable solutions. The partnership was preceded by a framework agreement involving key Egyptian entities, laying the foundation for the green ammonia plant's development. The CEOs of both companies have expressed optimism about the partnership's success and the potential of green ammonia as an alternative zero-emission fuel. This collaboration signifies a major advancement in the journey towards a more sustainable future, leveraging expertise from across the globe to drive meaningful change in the energy sector.

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