India Energy Storage Alliance's Vision for Sustainable Future
Key Ideas
  • India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) to release a 'white paper' at India Energy Storage Week 2024 with recommendations on cleantech, green hydrogen, EVs, and battery storage.
  • The industry group aims to establish India as a global cleantech powerhouse by proposing immediate steps for green energy transition.
  • Key officials from Union ministries and international energy professionals will attend to discuss energy storage, renewable energy, and policies supporting adoption in India.
  • The event will facilitate dialogue between industry stakeholders and government departments to advocate for cleantech and sustainable energy practices in the country.
The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) is set to present a 'white paper' at the upcoming India Energy Storage Week 2024 in New Delhi, focusing on recommendations for handling legislative and policy issues related to cleantech, green hydrogen, electric vehicles (EVs), and battery storage. This white paper, aimed at promoting a sustainable future inclusive of renewable energy, is expected to be shared with seven Union ministries and over 200 international energy professionals. The initiative aims to position India as a global powerhouse in cleantech by suggesting immediate steps for the green energy transition. The event will feature discussions on energy storage, government policies, and the adoption of sustainable practices in India, with key officials and industry experts participating to advocate for a cleaner and more energy-efficient future.

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