Tuticorin's Green Hydrogen Boost: Desalination Plant for Industrial Growth
Key Ideas
  • State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu to build a 60 MLD desalination plant in Tuticorin to support industries like green hydrogen production.
  • The project, costing 900 crore, intends to ensure regular water supply for industrial processes, aligning with the state government's focus on sustainable development.
  • Residents have mixed reactions, with concerns raised about the environmental impact, prompting discussions on alternative water management strategies.
  • The initiative reflects a trend towards green technologies like green hydrogen, with potential applications across various sectors beyond refining and production.
In Tuticorin, the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Sipcot) is set to construct a 60 MLD desalination plant in Mullakadu to cater to the water-intensive needs of the burgeoning industrial sector, particularly focusing on green hydrogen and automobile industries. The 900 crore project aims to secure a stable water supply for industrial processes like electrolysis for green hydrogen production, which is gaining traction for its environmental benefits. The initiative also includes a 33.18km conveyance system to transport water to the city under a hybrid annuity model. While the state government promotes the project for industrial growth and sustainable water management, residents like Vinoth Manikandan have expressed concerns about its environmental repercussions. They suggest exploring alternative solutions like infiltration wells and tank revamping to utilize natural water sources more efficiently. This development in Tuticorin aligns with broader efforts in Tamil Nadu, with plans to establish desalination plants in coastal districts like Pudukottai and Ramanathapuram. The state's focus on green technologies like green hydrogen signifies a shift towards sustainable practices in industrial operations, emphasizing the importance of water resource management and environmental sustainability.

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