Innovative Flexible Tubes in Fuel Cells Receive Class Certification for Marine Use
Key Ideas
  • Flexible tube technology for fuel cells in marine applications receives class society certification for safety and efficiency.
  • Collaboration between Venair, Ballard Power Systems, and others aims to advance greener marine transportation with hydrogen as a viable alternative.
  • Fuel cell systems, including the flexible tube technology, offer a safer and more efficient alternative power source for ships, beyond traditional battery power.
  • DNV certification underscores the reliability and quality of the innovative flexible tube technology for fuel cells in the maritime industry.
Flexible tubes for fuel cells used in marine applications have recently received class society certification, signifying their safety and efficiency. This technology is the result of a successful collaboration between Venair, a supplier of flexible tubes for PEM fuel cells, and Ballard Power Systems. The aim of this innovation is to enhance the safety and efficiency of marine fuel cell systems, contributing to a greener future for marine transportation. While battery power remains a popular choice for vessel propulsion, fuel cell systems are gaining recognition as an alternative power source. These systems have proven successful in applications such as ferries and other vessels that operate between specific points, with the potential to also serve as auxiliary power sources on ships. The certification by DNV further validates the reliability and quality of the flexible tube technology. This development highlights the industry's shift towards embracing hydrogen as a viable and sustainable option. The collaboration among industry leaders in this field plays a crucial role in shaping the future of marine transportation towards more environmentally friendly practices.

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