Norway's ENOVA Funds Hydrogen Conversion Project for Multipurpose Cargo Ship
Key Ideas
  • Norwegian government fund ENOVA is providing funding to convert an LNG-fueled cargo ship to operate with fuel cells and hydrogen, as part of decarbonization efforts.
  • Samskip's RoRo cargo vessel Kvitnos will be retrofitted for hydrogen operations, paving the way for zero-emission propulsion and future hydrogen projects.
  • Partners TECO 2030 and Blom Maritime will contribute expertise in fuel cells and engineering for retrofitting solutions to facilitate the conversion process.
  • The project aims to explore the feasibility of hydrogen conversion, prepare designs, and establish long-term hydrogen fuel supply contracts for operations along the Norwegian coast.
Norway's ENOVA is funding a project to convert an LNG-fueled multipurpose cargo ship to operate with fuel cells and hydrogen fuel, in collaboration with logistic provider Samskip, TECO 2030, and Blom Maritime. The focus of the project is Samskip's 2015-built RoRo cargo vessel, Kvitnos, which currently operates along the Norwegian coast. The goal is to explore the feasibility of converting the vessel to hydrogen operations and prepare the designs for potential retrofitting. ENOVA's support aims to accelerate decarbonization efforts in the maritime industry, with a specific focus on employing hydrogen technology. Samskip sees this project as a step towards achieving their net-zero targets for 2040 and furthering their commitment to environmentally friendly shipping. TECO 2030 will provide the fuel cells and hydrogen fuel expertise, while Blom Maritime will support with the necessary engineering documentation for the conversion. This initiative aligns with other hydrogen projects in Norway, indicating a growing trend towards sustainable maritime operations. Additionally, Samskip is already involved in the SeaShuttle project, constructing hydrogen-powered container vessels, showcasing their dedication to innovative and eco-friendly shipping solutions.

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