Hydrogen-Powered Trucks Set to Revolutionize Construction Logistics Sector in the UK
Key Ideas
  • Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) secures a deal to deliver 30 hydrogen fuel cell electric tractor units to Explore Plant & Transport Solutions.
  • The partnership includes service, maintenance, training on hydrogen use, and refuelling infrastructure customized for Explore's needs.
  • HVS highlights the superior efficiency of its hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, offering heavier payloads, longer range, and faster refuelling than other zero-emission options.
  • Explore anticipates a significant reduction in carbon footprint with the adoption of HVS's hydrogen-electric fuel cell vehicles, signaling a commitment to green technology.
Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has inked a deal with Explore Plant & Transport Solutions to supply 30 hydrogen fuel cell electric tractor units. This collaboration includes a comprehensive support package encompassing service and maintenance, training on safe hydrogen utilization, and a customized hydrogen refuelling infrastructure tailored to meet Explore's operational requirements. Based in Worksop and established in 2015, Explore offers transport and plant hire services to various industries, such as aerospace, construction, rail, and nuclear. As the UK's first hydrogen fuel cell truck manufacturer, HVS touts the efficiency and environmental performance of its fuel cell electric vehicles, boasting the ability to handle heavier payloads, cover longer distances, and refuel faster when compared to other zero-emission alternatives. Chris Gatheridge, Operations Director at Explore, expresses confidence in the transformative potential of hydrogen-electric fuel cell vehicles in the long-haul and construction logistics sector, presenting a cleaner substitute to traditional diesel engines. John McLeister, Chief Commercial Officer at HVS, emphasizes the innovative zero-emission fuel cell technology offered by the company, which aligns with the evolving needs of modern logistics operations aiming to decarbonize their fleets. The partnership between HVS and Explore signifies a joint commitment to spearhead sustainability in the logistics industry, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and advancing green technology.

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