Hyundai's Xcient Hydrogen Trucks: Paving the Way for Sustainable Transportation
Key Ideas
  • Hyundai's Xcient fuel-cell trucks in Switzerland have covered over 10 million kilometers emitting only water, saving 6,300 tons of carbon emissions compared to diesel trucks.
  • The Xcient truck, with 400 km range per charge, operates in 10 countries utilizing green hydrogen, promoting an eco-friendly hydrogen value chain.
  • Hyundai is dedicated to advancing the hydrogen society with the HTWO grid, aiming to secure 3 million tons of hydrogen annually by 2035 for a cleaner energy future.
  • The company's CEO emphasized the commitment to enriching human lives by harnessing clean hydrogen as an energy source for all, as showcased at CES 2024.
Hyundai Motor's Xcient fuel-cell trucks have marked a significant milestone by covering a cumulative distance of 10 million kilometers in Switzerland, emitting only water as they drive. This achievement translates into a substantial environmental impact, with the trucks saving 6,300 tons of carbon emissions that would have been produced by diesel trucks covering the same distance. The Xcient trucks, powered by two 90 kilowatt fuel cell systems and a 350 kilowatt electric motor, operate solely on green hydrogen in Switzerland, contributing to the establishment of an eco-friendly hydrogen value chain within Europe. Expanding beyond Switzerland, these innovative trucks are operational in 10 countries worldwide, showcasing their versatility and effectiveness in promoting sustainable transportation. Hyundai's commitment to zero-emission transportation is further demonstrated by the deployment of Xcient trucks in California as part of initiatives like the NorCAL ZERO Project. During CES 2024, Hyundai unveiled its HTWO grid, a dedicated hydrogen business brand aimed at securing the entire hydrogen value chain from production to utilization. This initiative aligns with Hyundai's ambitious goal of off-taking 3 million tons of hydrogen annually by 2035, underlining the company's vision for a cleaner energy future. Hyundai's CEO, Chang Jae-hoon, emphasized the brand's focus on enhancing human lives through technological innovations, particularly in advancing the hydrogen society where clean hydrogen serves as a versatile energy source for all.

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