Kenworth Unveils Super Truck 2: Revolutionizing Freight Efficiency in Long-Haul Transportation
Key Ideas
  • Kenworth unveiled Super Truck 2 at the ACT expo in Las Vegas, showcasing a revolutionary design aimed at improving freight efficiency using a diesel engine.
  • The truck's efficiency improved by up to 136%, achieving 12.8 mpg while reducing combination weight by over 7,000 pounds, allowing for increased payload capacity.
  • While powered by diesel, the design allows for future integration of zero-emission solutions like fuel cells, hydrogen tanks, and batteries without altering the basic cab structure.
  • Kenworth's systematic approach to developing a futuristic yet practical vehicle signifies a step towards commercializing new technologies for the trucking industry's sustainable evolution.
Kenworth revealed the Super Truck 2 at the Advanced Clean Transport (ACT) expo in Las Vegas, emphasizing its innovative design aimed at enhancing freight efficiency in long-haul transportation. Over a six-year development period, the truck's creators focused on improving efficiency using a diesel engine as the primary power source. The Super Truck 2 achieved remarkable results, enhancing efficiency by up to 136% and achieving a fuel efficiency of 12.8 mpg while reducing the weight of the combination by more than 7,000 pounds. This advancement enabled the truck to transport more payload efficiently. The truck's design, inspired by the fuel-efficient 2009 Kenworth T660, incorporates driver amenities and a powerful PACCAR MX-11 engine with a 48-volt electric generator. Despite its diesel engine, the Super Truck 2 is designed to accommodate future zero and near-zero emission solutions such as fuel cells, hydrogen tanks, natural gas tanks, or batteries without significant alterations to the cab structure. Kenworth's forward-thinking approach aims to lead the industry towards sustainability and carbon neutrality by 2050, utilizing partnerships like the one with DOE to explore innovative solutions for the future of long-haul transportation.

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