Stellantis NV Explores New-Energy Vehicle Production Possibilities in South Africa
Key Ideas
  • Stellantis NV considers expanding its South African plant to produce new-energy vehicles like electric cars, hydrogen-powered vehicles, and hybrids.
  • The decision is contingent on the emergence of a local market for these vehicles in South Africa.
  • The planned expansion would involve investing in the existing 3 billion rand plant on the south-east coast of the country.
Stellantis NV is gearing up to commence construction of its first auto plant in South Africa, with plans to potentially venture into the production of new-energy vehicles in the region. Mike Whitfield, the managing director of Stellantis NV's South African unit, revealed that the company is contemplating expanding the newly established plant to manufacture electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered cars, and hybrids. However, the viability of this expansion is intrinsically linked to the development of a local market for these innovative vehicles. This strategic move signifies Stellantis NV's forward-looking approach to align with the global shift towards environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The envisioned expansion, which would require additional investments in the planned 3 billion rand facility on South Africa's south-east coast, highlights the company's commitment to fostering sustainable mobility options in the region.

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