Tunisia's Green Hydrogen Project: A Leap Towards Energy Export to Europe
Key Ideas
  • Tunisia signs MoU to explore a green hydrogen project aiming to produce 600,000 tonnes per year for export to Europe.
  • The project, part of Tunisia's National Strategy, plans to achieve 8.3 million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2050.
  • The initiative involves building 12GW of renewable energy units, electrolyser capacity, storage facilities, and a hydrogen pipeline spanning North Africa to Europe.
  • The agreement with ACWA Power aims to utilize Tunisia's resources for sustainable development and a greener future.
The Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy in Tunisia has taken a significant step towards green energy by signing a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the production of up to 600,000 tonnes per year of green hydrogen for export to Europe. This initiative is part of Tunisia's National Strategy for green hydrogen, with plans to achieve an annual production of 8.3 million tonnes by 2050. The project involves the development of 12GW of renewable energy units, storage systems, electrolyser capacity, and infrastructure to connect to a hydrogen pipeline spanning from North Africa to Europe. The strategic partnership with ACWA Power aims to leverage Tunisia's resources and workforce for a more sustainable future. The project aligns with the country's commitment to green energy and has been identified as a key initiative for energy export to Europe through the SoutH2 Corridor. This move signifies Tunisia's dedication to renewable energy and its ambition to play a crucial role in the global green hydrogen market.

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