India Energy Storage Alliance Proposes Green Future at IESW 2024
Key Ideas
  • India Energy Storage Alliance to unveil a white paper addressing policy challenges in EVs, cleantech, green hydrogen, and battery storage at IESW 2024.
  • The focus on a sustainable future and renewable energy aims to position India as a global hub for cleantech with proposed actions for the industry.
  • The white paper will be presented to central ministries and global energy leaders to drive a transition towards green energy solutions in India.
  • IESW 2024 seeks to enhance communication between industry and government departments to advance EVs, cleantech, green hydrogen, and battery storage sectors.
The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) is preparing to release a white paper that will target key policy and regulatory challenges in areas such as electric vehicles (EVs), cleantech, green hydrogen, and battery storage. This initiative is part of the broader effort to foster a sustainable future powered by renewable energy sources. The white paper's debut is scheduled for the India Energy Storage Week (IESW) 2024, a prominent international conference and exposition set to occur in New Delhi from July 1-5. The overarching goal is to advocate for actions that would elevate India's status as a leading global center for cleantech innovation. The document will be shared with a minimum of seven central ministries and more than 200 influential energy figures from over 50 countries attending the event. Rahul Walawalkar, President of IESA and Customized Energy Solutions in India, emphasized the importance of finding swift solutions to propel the country towards a sustainable and eco-friendly energy transformation. IESW 2024 aims to bridge the gap between industry stakeholders and governmental bodies, ultimately propelling advancements in EVs, cleantech, green hydrogen, and battery storage within India.

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