Glocal Green and Norwegian Hydrogen Team Up for Green Hydrogen Production in Norway
Key Ideas
  • Glocal Green and Norwegian Hydrogen will collaborate on developing green hydrogen in conjunction with bio-methanol production, providing an efficient and competitive green liquid hydrogen carrier.
  • The initial project in Øyer, Norway, will involve an annual production of 150,000 tonnes of bio-e-methanol and 15,000 tonnes of green hydrogen from electrolysis.
  • The CEOs of both companies expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the efficiency and sustainable solutions that will cater to the increasing demand for green fuels.
  • Future plans include expanding similar projects in the Nordic region, indicating a commitment to further sustainable development in the area.
Glocal Green and Norwegian Hydrogen have announced a partnership to develop green hydrogen alongside bio-methanol production in Norway. The collaboration, initiated through a Letter of Intent two years ago, aims to establish hydrogen production connected to Glocal Green's bio-methanol plant. By combining bio-waste and hydrogen, the project is set to yield an efficient green liquid hydrogen carrier at a competitive price. In Øyer, Norway, the joint effort will result in the annual production of 150,000 tonnes of bio-e-methanol and 15,000 tonnes of green hydrogen. The CEOs of both companies, Dag Nikolai Ryste and Jens Berge, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, noting the clear benefits and efficiency it brings to the value chain and market. Plans for future projects in the Nordic region demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development and meeting the rising demand for green fuels.

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