Revolutionizing Maritime Transport: Samskip's Hydrogen Retrofit Project
Key Ideas
  • Samskip, TECO 2030, and Blom Maritime secured an ENOVA grant to retrofit the Samskip LNG vessel with fuel cells and hydrogen fuel, aiming to drastically reduce emissions.
  • The project targets a zero-emission hydrogen solution for the vessel operating from Rotterdam to Hammerfest, aligning with Samskip's goal of becoming Net-Zero by 2040.
  • Blom Maritime will provide expertise in engineering retrofits, while TECO 2030's fuel cell technology offers an environmentally friendly propulsion solution for the maritime industry.
  • The initiative not only focuses on reducing emissions but also sets the stage for future hydrogen-powered vessels and sustainable practices in maritime transport.
TECO 2030, Blom Maritime, and Samskip have been awarded an ENOVA grant to retrofit the Samskip LNG vessel with fuel cells and hydrogen fuel, marking a significant step towards reducing emissions in maritime transport. The project aims to transition the LNG-fueled vessel to zero-emission hydrogen technology, contributing to the partners' efforts in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. By preparing for the retrofit of the Kvitnos and establishing long-term hydrogen fuel supply contracts for the vessel's consistent route, the project sets the foundation for sustainable maritime practices. Blom Maritime's specialized engineering support, Samskip's commitment to sustainability and Net-Zero targets, and TECO 2030's fuel cell expertise collectively drive the initiative towards achieving zero-emission propulsion. With a focus on existing vessel retrofits and future hydrogen projects, the collaboration highlights a strategic shift towards environmentally friendly maritime operations. The grant not only supports the current retrofit project but also aligns with Samskip's broader goal of reducing CO2 emissions through various innovative solutions, including biofuels, shore power, and green energy propulsion. TECO 2030's Group CEO emphasizes the importance of public funding for advancing zero-emission shipping and highlights the compatibility of their fuel cell technology with retrofitting existing fleets for sustainable operations. Overall, the project signifies a pivotal moment in the maritime industry's journey towards greener and more efficient transportation methods.

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