Toyota's Hydrogen-Powered Hilux Prototype: A Glimpse Into the Future
Key Ideas
  • Toyota is set to showcase its hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux prototype, featuring 10 UK-built examples with a range of 600km.
  • The Hilux houses three 2.6kg high-pressure hydrogen tanks, a fuel-cell stack with 330 polymer electrolyte cells, and drives 180hp and 299Nm of torque.
  • The development is based on technology from the Toyota Mirai, aiming to leverage hydrogen's benefits for better payload capacity and towing capabilities.
  • The hydrogen Hilux prototypes are undergoing testing in real-world driving situations, with Toyota aiming to lead mass-production hydrogen vehicles by 2030.
Toyota is gearing up to unveil its hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux prototype, featuring 10 examples built in the UK. This fully-electrified pickup boasts a range of 600km, made possible by three 2.6kg high-pressure hydrogen tanks integrated into the Hilux's chassis. The fuel-cell stack, consisting of 330 polymer electrolyte cells, generates 180hp and 299Nm of torque, powering an e-motor on the rear axle. Despite being slightly less powerful than the diesel version, the hydrogen Hilux's design allows for higher payloads and enhanced towing capacity. Drawing from technology found in the Toyota Mirai, which set records for long-distance travel, this hydrogen prototype signifies a step forward in Toyota's sustainable vehicle development. As part of Toyota's hydrogen Hilux program, half of the prototypes are undergoing real-world testing, while the others are slated for public appearances, such as at the Paris Olympics. Toyota's commitment to hydrogen as a fuel source is evident through its membership in Camp Hydrogen-Is-the-Fuel-of-the-Future, aligning with its goal to lead in mass-producing hydrogen vehicles by 2030. Despite the positive reception, questions linger about hydrogen refueling infrastructure compared to electric charging stations. This initiative signals Toyota's innovative strides towards a greener automotive future.

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