Green Hydrogen Pilot Project Receives Funding Boost for Decarbonising Maritime Sector in UK
Key Ideas
  • Freeport East in the UK secures a grant of £1.44m from Innovate UK and additional funding from Australia to pilot green hydrogen technologies for decarbonising shipping activities.
  • The project, called HyZEM, aims to develop green hydrogen technology for high powered workboats, demonstrating practical applications for storage and propulsion on vessels.
  • The international collaboration includes UK and Australian businesses specializing in green hydrogen, with a focus on advancing zero-emission technologies in the maritime sector.
  • Partnership between companies like Steamology, NCC, Duodrive Limited, and ORE Catapult aims to drive innovation in renewable energy and support transport decarbonisation efforts.
Plans have been unveiled to pilot the use of green hydrogen technologies to help in decarbonising shipping activities in the ports of Harwich and Felixstowe on the east coast of England. Freeport East, a tax-friendly zone established to attract private sector investment, has received a multi-million-pound boost in grant funding for its Hydrogen Zero Emission Maritime (HyZEM) project. The initiative aims to drive decarbonisation in the maritime sector through the development of low carbon green hydrogen technology for high powered workboats. The project will showcase practical applications for green hydrogen storage and propulsion on vessels, including bunkering technology and port infrastructure. International collaboration between UK and Australian companies will focus on advancing green hydrogen for the global maritime industry and promoting zero-emission technologies. Key players include Steamology, NCC, Duodrive Limited, and ORE Catapult, working together to lead innovation and support transport decarbonisation efforts. The funding boost highlights the growth of innovation within Freeport East and emphasizes the consortium's success in securing grants. With a positive sentiment towards green technology solutions, the project aims to support UK businesses to succeed overseas while driving transport decarbonisation at the local and international scale. The focus on innovative technologies such as hydrogen-storage and hydrogen-fuelled turbines showcases a commitment to decarbonise the marine fleet, aiming for cost savings, risk reduction, and environmental impact minimization.

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