Solaris Buses Leading the Green Transformation in Krakow and Gummersbach
Key Ideas
  • Solaris Bus & Coach secures orders for both mild hybrid and hydrogen buses, contributing to green initiatives in Krakow and Gummersbach.
  • Krakow's Municipal Transport Company selects Solaris for 37 low-emission buses, showcasing a shift towards more environmentally friendly public transport.
  • The hydrogen buses ordered by Oberbergische Verkehrgesellschaft for Gummersbach signify a global trend towards sustainable urban mobility and emission neutrality.
  • Solaris buses incorporate innovative technologies like mild hybrid systems and fuel cells, emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
Solaris Bus & Coach, a prominent European producer of city and intercity buses, recently received significant orders for mild hybrid and hydrogen buses. In Krakow, Poland, the Municipal Transport Company chose Solaris to supply 37 low-emission buses, with 25 designated for city lines and 12 for agglomeration routes. These buses feature mild hybrid systems that optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions through energy recovery technology. The introduction of these buses marks a step towards greater environmental sustainability in Krakow's public transport sector. Meanwhile, in Gummersbach, Germany, Oberbergische Verkehrgesellschaft ordered 15 hydrogen buses from Solaris. These hydrogen buses, equipped with modern fuel cells and high-power traction batteries, represent a commitment to sustainable urban mobility and emission neutrality. Solaris' innovative approach to bus technology highlights a growing global interest in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation solutions.

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